Dawn Hill accepts distinguished Maine Policy Fellow plaque

On Thursday, Dec. 1, students, faculty and other members of the public were invited to join State Senator Dawn Hill in the University Club located in Fogler Library for a gathering.

Hill represents Eliot, Kittery, Ogunquit, York, South Berwick and a part of Berwick in Southern Maine. In her third term, she currently serves as the Assistant Senate Democratic Leader and is the top Senate Democrat on the Energy, Utility and Technology Committee.

At the gathering on Thursday Senior Policy Associate of the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center, Mary Cathcart presented Senator Hill a plaque that named her a Distinguished Maine Policy Fellow.

Distinguished Maine Policy Fellows are individuals with past or current careers as policy makers in Maine. The purpose of this program is to introduce distinguished Maine policy leaders to University of Maine faculty, students and administration to improve educational experiences of students and expand University and Policy Center contacts.

During the day on Thursday, Senator Hill had to opportunity to tour campus and meet with students, faculty, UMaine administration and graduate students to talk about research and public policy.

This was the first time that Senator Hill has toured the UMaine campus and seen the different colleges. “People were passionate, excited, and they got me excited. It’s exciting to see some of the work being done here. I thought the faculty was very engaged and passionate about what they’re doing and I have to think that pours down to the students. So I want to bring word back to the legislature and anyone else I can talk to, to say how great the University of Maine is,” Senator Hill said.

Throughout the day, Senator Hill met with President Susan Hunter and other members of the administration and had conversations about the university.

She also toured the Composite Center, which is a part of the engineering program and the Bloomberg Terminals in the Business School.

Hill also spoke with Dr. Sharon Klein and graduate students from the School of Economics and spoke with the staff from the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center.

She later visited the College of Engineering and had the opportunity to talk with the dean about the needs of the college, it’s growth and its importance to the Maine economy.

One of the many things she hopes to do is work with the private sector government to try to increase the capacity of the College of Engineering. “It takes dollars; it takes smart planning to build more that because Maine needs engineers,” Senator Hill said.

“You have such a wonderful product here that you just keep marketing it and keep shining the light on it. People really need to know what’s happening here and I think the whole state will be extremely proud, I think more and more people will come here from out of state and I look forward to working with all of you especially your administration in terms of connecting the dots for a lot of your programs,” Senator Hill said.

For more information about the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center or the Distinguished Maine Policy Fellows please visit their website at mscpolicycenter.umaine.edu.

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